One moment : ‘festina lente’

I never thought I’d find myself on a Monday morning browsing “green burial” solutions – but there it is! In the course of time, I have had the privilege of delving into the world of ageing, positive ageing and legacy – considering all that would be of interest to those who might read the magazines I have been working on; how to get the most out of life; new perspectives, new ideas – and encouragement. Far from being a morbid preoccupation – the subject of Death – as part of the subject of Legacy -is one that, if handled with tenderness and care, can allow us to release our potential, to face our fears and to embrace LIFE.

It is my pleasure to spend time with those who are older than myself. The slowly paced man in his eighties, who, as we walked the space of a few meters around Harold’s Cross Park taught me the value of – ‘festina lente’ a favored maxim of military leaders of ancient times. The translation from the Latin is ‘hasten slowly’. Those generations for whom the flow of life was not punctured by the well meaning bleeps of a mobile phone ; whose gaze can rest on any object, living or inanimate, and truly look – for whom the art of looking itself has not been finally conditioned by the flickering of screens or the demands of technology. Ahh, and for whom, having lived life fully, the end does not signal a denial of life but rather an embrace. To live with no regrets and live fully – that is the invitation. All that we have is our consciousness, this invisible life that dwells within me as I sit here to write – or seeing out through your eyes, as you breath sitting there.

Let us not rush to our graves, nor fear death. Deepening into this moment and find the courage to act – as we must ; to claim the life we have to live  – with courage.

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