February 2021

There is a word used in the Kerry Gaeltacht to describe this kind of weather –The Scarabhán – as the wind and rain beat down upon us in a seeming relentless initiation into this new year. Sometimes there are days of respite as the sunshine returns in brief and glorious bursts of Light and warmth. However, the overcast grey skies appear to resent such uppity behaviour, such bold and brazen exuberance. The snowdrops are confidently sharing their gentle song and bravely tinkling their silent bells – and yet, our trials of cold and wind are not over yet. Perhaps we can think of this as an initiation so that the more kindly gifts of spring may be truly earned, and relished all the more.

Nonetheless, days stretch out. New growth is truly budding forth. Despite the cold reception!

Perhaps there is also a lesson in this – let us not be discouraged by the raging seeming indifference of a busy storm as we offer tender new shoots, our gifts, visions and dreams for the future.

Let me hold fast to deep roots 
Though winds of change may pull me in their sway.
That which endures lasts not for a single season
But for all time

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