Sensitivity is a wonderful gift ; being able to tune in to others feelings, understand deeply where someone is coming from. It becomes more of a burden when it comes to being able to feel the emotional pain of others, or being completely overwhelmed with emotion to the point of being debilitated. Sensitivity is something that I would have struggled with – being so tuned in to the feelings of others, for example, that I would loose touch with myself. The term ‘Empath’ was new to me and I only came across it in my twenties. While it is helpful to have such terms and a framework for understanding, the pragmatic and practical application of solutions so that one can cope in the world is far more attractive. It is here that Kundalini Yoga & Meditation really comes into its own. As part of my training, it was important to commit to a forty day practice of a Kriya. I was assigned the Kriya for Strengthening the Aura which is a short but incredibly effective daily practice. I discovered that as I strengthened this invisible energetic layer of protection that we call the Aura, I was able to feel far stronger in the midst of crowds, I had a stronger sense of my own physicality and I was less ‘permeable’, less inclined to pick up the emotional energies of others. I would recommend this Kriya as a beginners practice taking care to build the times slowly starting with one minute for each part of the Kriya ( It only has three parts). What I love so much about the subtle yet powerful transformational effects of KY is that they are empowering, it costs nothing to do and healing comes from within.

Other benefits of this kriya to strengthen the aura include:

  • Protection from external negativity
  • An increased sense of security
  • Improved digestion
  • Builds confidence and self worth
  • Banishes feelings of paranoia

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