Introduction to Kundalini Yoga: Healing through the Chakras


9.30am – 10.30 am EST
2.30 pm – 3.30 pm GMT


Healing through the Chakras

In these classes we focus on building a strong foundation in Kundalini Yoga practice.
We use the chakra system as a map to assess the flow of energy and health within our body. Kundalini Yoga offers a sophisticated technology to enhance our health and well-being, bringing balance working through the glandular system, stimulating the lymphatic system for enhanced immunity, bringing physical strength and flexibility, and accessing new levels of awareness and mastery of the mind and emotions through meditation.

Ingredients of a Kundalini Yoga practice include breath, rhythm, movement, sound, repetition, focus of the eyes, mudras ( hand positions) and deep relaxation.

The “Kundalini” that is referred to, comes from the word “kundal” which means, “a lock of hair of the beloved”. It has been observed that the vital spiritual energy that we have as children becomes curled up at the base of the spine when we come to puberty. Regular practice of Kundalini Yoga tunes up the body and nervous system to be able to access greater levels of this spiritual energy, our vital Life Force.

The Chakras

The chakra system is a map of the flow of energy within the body. In this course, you will learn to enhance the health of these eight energy centers and cultivate the “talents” associated with each of them:

Acceptance, Creativity, Commitment, Compassion, Truth, Intuition, Boundlessness and Radiance.

Each of the chakras maps loosely onto the main glands of the body and associated organs and systems – they have both a psychological, a spiritual and a physiological dimension.


This will be an ongoing series of classes providing a firm foundation

for the practice of Kundalini Yoga.


A Note on Teaching Approach

As a teacher I draw on my own experiences as an empath and HSP (highly sensitive person)  allowing ample time between postures to integrate the energy flow and grow in awareness of the awakening energy within you. I have also trained in a trauma sensitive programme of Kundalini Yoga for PTSD and completed Level 1 training in the Yogic Healing Art of Sat Nam Rasayan . Since November 2021 I have been studying with Thomas Hubl in the process of Healing Collective Trauma, and the awareness that I gain from his pioneering body of teachings also informs my approach.

As this class is taught via zoom, it is possible to turn your camera off if you are uncomfortable being viewed, however, it is helpful for me as a teacher to be able to see you and offer feedback and respond if I can see that you are in need of adjustment in a posture or for additional clarification.

These classes will be recorded and available to watch back again. I pin my own screen and so no other class participant is recorded, only me.

This class is suitable for those who are drawn to the healing power within themselves, to grow in consciousness and awareness of their inner world and for those who wish to resource themselves with powerful technology to upgrade their nervous systems to become more resilient.

Classes also include live music, intuitively responding to the flow of energy.


Starts Monday February 21st



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