Mantra & Meditation

Second Thursday of the Month


Mantra & Meditation

Just like a regular Kundalini Yoga class, we begin with tuning in and deepening the space of awareness and presence. Warm ups follow and simple breathing exercises to prepare the lungs, release stress and deepen awareness. Meditations with mantra from the Kundalini Yoga tradition use the language of Gurmuki in which the sacred book of the Sikh dharma is written – this is a language that combines sanskrit and punjabi dialect and the sounds are organised so that as we say the words / sounds we stimulate the upper palate meridians of the mouth. I occasionally also share spiritual songs from traditions around the world during deep relaxation in these classes. Each week features different mantras with meditation but with a focus on healing and resilience. The power of repetition and sound is a time tested way to uplift the mind, clear blocks and access a flow of creativity and joy in our lives. Use of sound also helps to build a sense of community and connection – beyond borders or limitations of space and time.



Our minds are constantly busy – often our thoughts are of a negative and habitual nature. Worries or fears may take root. Through the science of Naad – the repetitive chanting of charged sounds as mantras, we can elevate the vibrational environment of our thinking minds and uplift our spirit. In these one hour sessions we share healing and invigorating mantras rooted in the devotional spirituality of Sikh Dharma and a non-dualistic perception of reality where creator and creation are One. We, therefore, are invited to partake in the shaping of our experience and our reality.

In meditation, mantra helps us to focus our conscious minds and engage the flow of energy within our consciousness in a constructive way to promote health, wellbeing and a joyful boundless spirit.

These mantras offer us humans a chance to experience powerful states of mind. The radiant courage of Guru Gobind Singh, the healing neutrality of Guru Ram Das, the fourth guru, or the devotional service of Guru Arjan.

Each week we share different mantras with meditation but with a focus on healing and resilience of spirit.