Sunday Classes

Sunday Morning Classes of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

with live music

8-9.30 am

Returning Sunday September 5th, 2021 : )

Nourishing Foundations

Sunday September 5th, 2021

As we ease into the month of September and autumnal colours beckon, let us cultivate our own vitality and nourish deep foundations. In autumn season, the energy starts to return towards the roots. We toocan deepen our sense of being grounded, supported and at home in the world. This weeks class focuseson the root chakra. This is our sense of security, of safety and belonging -being safe in our body and in the world. As a baby grows this is the first quality that is needed to sustain all future development. Likewise, we cancontinue to cultivate our own inner sense of these foundations. I will also share a meditation to release stress and cultivate balance in the mind.

Letting go into Trust

Sunday 12th September, 2021

This week’s class continues to build on our root chakra theme. Feeling safe in our bodies and in our lives is also a prerequisite to being able to trust. Trust is akin to letting go – to being able to release tension. For tension is a state of holding in the body. This week we focus on how the breath can regulate our stress response. Our Kriya will support the heart and lungs and so that we can deeply release tension that we may be holding in the upper torso. Being able to trust, to flow with intuition and feel supported in our lives is a skill that we can cultivate.

Our meditation this week is also on the theme of trust , cultivating our spiritual connection through the crown chakra.