Sunday Morning Yoga & Meditation


Sunday Morning Yoga & Meditation

Nourishing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

with live music

classes via zoom




Each class has a theme and this month we are focusing on building resilience – supporting the adrenals, the kidneys and releasing stress and fear from our system. The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is that it is a simple and effective way to throw off stress and nurture your core essence. A key focus within a Kundalini Yoga class is to develop  awareness – through greater awareness we expand the range of our choices in our daily life and we also have more room to manoeuver as our terms of reference grow.

Many benefits have been reported from a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation including reduction in high blood pressure, sleeping better, reduced anxiety, increased self-confidence and raised spirits!

You can learn more about Kundalini Yoga here



Nurturing the Essence of You


Through the prism of being true to ourselves

true to the kernal and essence of who we are

and allowing ourselves to be our true selves

our “Sat Nam” in yogi philosophy:

Soulful, Playful, Creative, Happy and Free!


“to  thine own self be true, thou canst not then be false to any man”

William Shakespeare


Indeed, to honor truth as compass within, as our ‘gut’ feeling, and the awareness and intuition that we have – brings us a powerful ally. It is through alignment with this inner knowing that we find true peace.


In this series of classes we will be cultivating a deeper relationship with breath , our prana. Spiritus – the spirit, is also related to the breath – consider the relationship between the words for  inspire, to aspire – and respiration. It is through awareness and relationship with the breath that we can access control over the chaos of our minds and our emotions. The breath, when slowed down, and when we deeply breathe, we invoke depth within us, we stimulate our lymphatic system, we massage the inner organs and move the cerebro-spinal fluid.


When we are stressed we tend to breathe at a shallow and faster rate. This further invokes the adrenaline, flight or flight response. Yes, sometimes we certainly need this boost of adrenaline ! ( if we are faced with a crazed sheep for example …) But, for the most part, it is  stress for our body to be in a state of arousal and this eventually can deplete our adrenal glands, our kidneys and impact our quality of life.


The beginning of the year is certainly a big in-breath. This is a time for accessing our inner depth, our true essence and activating our joy as we build ourselves up for the year ahead.


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-at a glance-
May 15 : Full Moon – Celebrating Completion
May 20th : Magnetism & Radiance – Aura Care
May 28 : Releasing Grief & Fear – Access your Inner Emotional Support
June 12 : Honouring the Elements within You






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May 15th
Full Moon : Celebrate Completion
Sharing a yoga set to nourish our capacity to access the subtle
realm and sensitivity – using the mantra Wahe Guru – Honouring the joyful moment of coming from darkness into light, of inner realisation, of fullness, completion and arrival. Accessing the power of the full moon to amplify our intentions and visions –
and to help us consolidate that which we are bringing into the world.
Practicing the Antar Naad meditation for Prosperity – especially for this period of the Full Moon.
May 20th 
Magnetism & Radiance – Aura Care
The Aura or the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body is
our protective shield – it can repel negativity and illness. Through working on our aura we cultivate
a strong presence and ‘glow’. Negativity cannot stick to us. In this class you will learn simple tools for ‘clearing’ our aura, and develop awareness of this subtle energy field so you can continue to build  inner resilience,  grow and glow.





***Ongoing Classes ***




Kundalini Yoga is known to be a powerful complementary technology for enhancing health and well-being.

There are a number of points to take notice of:

1.As with any physical practice, if you are on medications,  it is important to consult with whoever prescribed them for you before participating in a Kundalini Yoga Class.

2.If you are pregnant or menstruating, please exercise caution, never put pressure on the lower abdomen and avoid breath of fire or inverted postures. It is possible to receive benefits by relaxing on your back and visualising yourself doing the exercise instead.

3. Never ever do Kundalini Yoga under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.

4.Do not eat for at least an hour prior to your Kundalini Yoga Class.

5. Always listen to your own body,  you know your own limits and any injuries you may be carrying, it is important not to push yourself to a degree of injury.

6. Kundalini Yoga helps to move emotions within the body. Sometimes we may be carrying traumas that we did not realise we have. Be gentle with yourself if you experience strong emotions during class. Know that it is a safe space to experience these emotions on the yoga mat, and in feeling these emotions deeply and giving them space to simply be, they will move through you and pass away. This is a natural part of the process of clearing the past that we may be carrying within ourselves.

7. Thanks for doing this work and having the courage to show up. Life offers us many distractions and opportunities for escape, but ultimately we will find that meeting ourselves and doing the work leads to a more positive outcome in the long run – for both ourselves and the people in our lives and our world.


“May the Long Time Sun shine upon you

All Love surround you

And the Pure Light within you

Guide your way on”

Sat Nam


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