Transforming Nightmares Part 1

As children, many of us experince night mares. We awake sweating, afraid, even terrified. Afraid even to close our eyes – impossible to escape the dreadful scenes or experiences to which we may have been subjected.

For me, nightmares followed a trip to see a disney film at the tender age of eight. Ursula the sea witch in the Little Mermaid was terrifying, looming large and threatening on the screen. I still recall the horror and dread of those people she had turned into small worms!

It is the responsibility of all parents to be vigilant and discerning when it comes to family films, exposure to news items and other all material for nightmare. Today, amid a permissive laissez-faire attitude that “such is reality” – news and tragedy, sci-fi horrors and dread are the stuff of daily life. The writer Marshall Mc Luhan observed how the witnessing of news in this way has eroded the human capacity for compassion and an open heart. These are not some happy clappy observations. It is our right and i would say responsibility in shaping the future consciousness of our planet, to carefully curate what our precious children are exposed to. Oftentimes, a PG rating on a film can in fact mean that the film requires extra vigilance on the part of parents. I recall my own child’s horror at the PG rated film with a three year old screaming and being made to watch truly horrifying scenes on the screen of terrifying animatronic skeletons, menace and dread and lust for blood. As our children become habituated to such horrors, and also within the realms of video games, we may ask what this does to their threshold and tolerance for terror, and their capacity for determining and discerning or even experiencing peace; harmony justice.

It is to these high minded ideals that this book is addressed. Rather than reeling from the onslaught of ‘bad news’ of the nightmare of our world. Working with our interior environment, our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and habitual self-talk and especially, working with images in our imagination – we transform our world from within.

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