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I hope you find some inspiration here. I believe in reclaiming our cultural roots, and our voice and language. Let us begin to cultivate our relationship with soul, with the undying, creative and joyous part of us that endures. I believe that it is possible to heal - both ourselves and this beautiful planet. It is time for a new vision for humanity, one that honours our creativity, our ancestors and our enduring spirit.

Sin mise ag canadh, that's myself at the Pan Celtic Song contest singing the song  : "Tá Dóchas Ann" - which means- "There is Hope".

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Ancient wisdom

As it was in the beginning,
As it is now,
And ever shall be..

A distinguishing feature of western 'civilization' is the absence of a concept of the infinite. While a reactionary short-termism and short-sightedness is the mark of shallow and deficient modes of perception – we are called to expand our vision to a broad horizon : to re-integrate the wisdom and truths that have may have been cast aside within a narrative of so-called progress.

Scientific progress, built upon an “enlightenment” belief in a mechanistic universe that denies the importance of the inner life of humanity, proceeds to enact continued fragmentation within our world today as well as destruction of nature and loss of biodiversity. In contrast – through healing our perception such that we understand and experience and begin to know ourselves anew : we begin a process of synchronisation. Honouring the path of the soul and reclaiming the time tested wisdom of our ancestors, we may see through new eyes.

Let us value our intuitive, receptive, creative and nurturing capacities that are so precious. Let us affirm that which is rooted in a respect for the infinite ; that which creates & sustains Life and that which nourishes the Soul.

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The Irish Oak

Today we are witnessing the collapse of narratives that sustained the hegemony of western civilization for the past centuries. This can be a jarring and frightening experience. This is why, more than ever we are called to cultivate our inner capacities and deepen our roots to re-affirm a vision of unity in the face of chaos, fragmentation and uncertainty. The technology of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation provides a simple and effective way to enhance our wellbeing and our inner capacities for self healing and resilience.

Through understanding of and respect for our ancestors we can gather new strength and a new perspective. In the cultural heritage of Ireland we find a vibrancy, an unquenchable joy, the playfulness of an Otherworld, the bright imagination of eternal potentiality and thousands of years of bearing witness to a unity with the cosmos in our great megalithic monuments and powerful high places.

The Celtic Calendar provides a blue -print to guide us through the changing seasons inviting us to develop new awareness and appreciation of the mutual reciprocity between ourselves and the earth around us.

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