” Níl íseal ná uasal ach thíos seal is thuas seal “

Neither low nor high – life is like a wave

Irish Medicine

Connect in a soulful way with the land of Ireland and deepen your knowledge of Irelands cultural heritage, through song, story and poetry.  Looking at Ireland through the lens of the wounded healer – what is our remedy ?

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Anam Maorga – Noble Spirit.

How do we nourish our inner sovereignity, nobility and capacity for temperance and peace in the face of calamity and insanity? The Royal Yoga known as Kundalini Yoga ( as taught by Yogi Bhajan) was a guarded secret body of knowledge for thousands of years now shared openly as a technology for the elevation of consciousness.

Physical discipline and spiritual practices have been a fascinating part of the history of humanity, in every culture from the native people of the country now know as America to India. In Ireland, tales of the training undergone by the Red Branch Knights or the Fianna speak of the respect for agility, flexibility and resilience and challenges that were set to attain mastery as warriors. Whether you identify with a religion or none, it is possible to respect a noble call to presence and the practical transformation of our negativity, both individual and collective, to illuminate our inner worlds; for how can we dream of and co-create a better world if we cannot first experience it on the inner planes. Practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, part of the Royal lineage of Yoga, provides a technology to elevate consciousness, and tend your inner garden.

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Dia dhuit,

Hi I m Sharon Ni Chuilibin, I create unique opportunities for education, elevation and inspiration, inviting you to connect to a noble vision of our potential and deepen understanding of our cultural roots. Through sharing gifts as a musician, visionary, writer, poet, facilitator and educator – and am here to guide you on a journey of connection to deepen your roots so that we may live in harmony with the earth and our soulful nature as humans.

abous us

Offering you an Invitation

• to nourish the body, mind and spirit
• re-kindle relationship to luminous infinity of soul
• awaken creative innocence, playfulness, joy and possibility
• learning to listen and navigate from a place of felt – sense and unity
• anchor deeply rooted in right relationship with earth as allie
• attuning through the cultural heartbeat of Ireland-as wounded healer-wayshower & come to know deep foundations for a new way of being and visioning the future

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