” Le fréamh agus anam, go mbeimid beo “

Nourishing Roots and Soul

Irish Medicine

Connect deeply with the culture of Ireland as an elemental vehicle for healing and wholeness through song, story and poetry. Explore how Irish language and culture can be a ‘medicine’ for our times.

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Anam Maorga – Noble Spirit.

How do we nourish our inner sovereignity, nobility and capacity for temperance and peace in the face of calamity and insanity? The Royal Yoga known as Kundalini Yoga ( as taught by Yogi Bhajan) was a guarded secret body of knowledge for thousands of years now shared openly as a technology for the elevation of consciousness.

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A chara álainn, thanks for visiting,

I hope you find some inspiration here. I believe in reclaiming our cultural roots, and our voice and language. Let us begin to cultivate our relationship with soul, with the undying, creative and joyous part of us that endures. I believe that it is possible to heal - both ourselves and this beautiful planet. It is time for a new vision for humanity, one that honours our creativity, our ancestors and our enduring spirit.

Sin mise ag canadh, that's myself at the Pan Celtic Song contest singing the song  : "Tá Dóchas Ann" - which means- "There is Hope".

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