Bealtaine – May 1st

Letting go of the Season of Imbolc

Leave your house by the back door taking all the energy of the winter and Imbolc season from your house as you leave. You  can Smudge yourself with Sage or Rosemary or Bay Leaves or any other way you wish to cleanse that energy of winter and Imbolc from your system.

Farewell to the Season of Imbolc

Spoken at the back door/window of the house:


Go with thanks and go with blessing,

Season of Integrity.

Souls with truth are deeply freighted

Hearts are keen with innocence.

In the cold and darkness travelling,

You have come to brightest spring.

Infant, who has grown to childhood?

Midwife, wise with mothering,

Touch the hidden beauty in us,

Help us soar on summer’s wing.

Caitlín Matthews – Celtic Devotional

Excerpt from

In Praise of the Earth 

Let us remember within us
The ancient clay,
Holding the memory of seasons,
The passion of the wind,
The fluency of water,
The warmth of fire,
The quiver-touch of the sun
And shadowed sureness of the moon.

That we may awaken, 
to live to the full
the dream of the Earth
who chose us to emerge
and incarnate its hidden night
in mind, spirit, and light. 

John O Donoghue

Lá Bealtaine (the morning) 

Get up as early and as near to sunrise as you can

Place a glass bowl or jar of water outside your house ( maybe the night before) in a position where it will receive the early rays of sunshine on Lá Bealtaine and be energised by those rays.This brings together the energies of Fire and water,the masculine and feminine energies, both of which are needed for the blossoming and creative expression associated with Bealtaine. Wash your face in this water to bring the masculine andfeminine energies into your own being and to support the blossoming of your creative energies.

Threshold Invocation for the Festival of Bealtaine

Maiden of Flowers, open the door,

Smith of souls, come you in,

Let there be welcome to the growing strength,

Let there be welcome to the summer of the Year.

In bud and blossom you are travelling,

In fruit and fragrance you will arrive.

May the blessed time of Bealtaine Inflame the soul of all beings,

Bringing energy and effort to your passion 

From the depths to the heights,

From the heights to the depths,

In the core of every soul.

Caitlín Matthews – Celtic Devotional

Light a candle or Bealtaine Fire ( using wood from Irish native trees if possible)

Think about your true heart’s desire at this time clarify it and set your intention.

Ask yourself what do wish to dedicate yourself to during this summer season?

What do you need to release or sacrifice into the fire in order to support you to achieve your heart’s desire ?I will place pieces of paper into the fire to represent what each of us is releasing.

Dance around your fire /candle and feel the connection with the Bealtaine Fire and also the Fire on the Hill of Uishneach 

To protect yourself and all that you wish will blossom in you and your life as you pray the 

Druidic Prayer of Protection

Grant O Creator / God thy protectionand inprotection, strength

And instrength, understandingand inunderstanding, knowledge

And inknowledge,the perception of justiceand in the perception of justice, the love of it and in that love, the love of all existences.

And in the love of all existences, the love of God and the Divine 

As you read this prayer be aware of the earth energy under the soles of your feet coming into your centre around the navel and the heavenly energy coming down through your crowns and linking with the earth energy and radiating outwards in a great burst like a golden shield of Light. 

Now gather some wild or garden flowers and throw theseflowers on the roof of your house or leave them on your door step as you sing 

Bring Flowers of the fairest 


Thugamar fein on Samhradh linn“

It is Always Summer time in the Grateful heart

You might like to create a seasonal 

Bealtaine themed Altar in your home for the month of May