Care of the Heart



Over this four week course we explore the many dimensions of the the human heart. 

In the heart there is no conflict – here is the home of wisdom and peace.

As we live in a time when there are no certainties, we must turn to the heart as our new centre for guidance and wisdom. “I AM :  I AM“ is a simple mantra of the heart. The expansive and loving qualities of the heart are essential to this emerging paradigm as we move from “me“ to “we“: as a connected global family.


Sunday 26th July, 2nd August, 9th August, 23rd August

Week One

Tending the Open Heart

In this week‘s class we will practice the Foundation for Infinity Kriya to build stability to have a firm foundation on earth so that we can cultivate an open heart. When we feel safe, secure and are able to rest in the gentle wisdom of our hearts we can begin to open to ourselves and others.

This is followed by the Meditation for a Calm Heart – a beautiful yet simple meditation and  powerful practice that, through regular practice,  can help us to remain steady through the emotional fluctuations of life.


Week Two

Living Full of Heart

This weeks Kriya helps to increase compassion and sensitivity to others and to drop emotional defensiveness – so that we can live with more joy and live with an open heart.

Through our attempts to protect ourselves, many of us carry an energetic defensive “heart wall“  which ultimately causes us harm as it prevents the free flow of energy to our heart. With focus and intention we can strive to free ourselves so that living with our full heart we can truly nourish ourselves and the world around us.

We follow this with a healing meditation so that we can experience the love within us.


Week Three

Balancing the Head and the Heart

This week‘s Kriya is an effective balancing practice to enable us to find balance between the head and heart and live with ease. The cold energy of the calculating mind, which keeps us in duality and struggle needs to be held so that we can rest within the loving wisdom of our heart.

Our Meditation this week is for protection and projection from  the heart centre-  opening feelings, compassion and the capacity to Love.



Week Four 

The Gate of Compassion

Our heart is the gate from the lower chakras to the higher chakras as we move from “me“ to “we“. It is associated with the element of Air. Through this expansive energy of the heart and compassion we can pray for all of humanity. 

This week we share the healing meditation for ourselves

and for all who need healing at this time.


Care of the Heart : Single Class

Focusing on the Heart for increased health and wellbeing. Each class features a nourishing Kundalini yoga Kriya, Meditation and Deep Relaxation. Classes are 1.5 hours long.



Care of the Heart : Class Recording

Recorded class from Sunday 9th August: Third week of Care of the Heart course. Kriya for Balancing the Head and the Heart and Meditation for Protection and projection of the heart.