The chakras are centres of subtle energy, located along the spine. The word “chakra“ means wheel as the energy of the chakras is often perceived as a swirling vortex – the most powerful physical force in nature!

Emanating from the center of the spinal cord, chakras are the ethereal composnent of our physical nerve plexuses, organs and glands. The chakras respond to our thoughts, emotions, health and physical functioning are profound centres of transformation – through changing our thought processes ( our self- talk ) we can in turn influence the health of our chakras. Becoming aware of and consciously working with and through our chakra system provides a portal to increased health and well being.

Roughly corresponding with Maslows hierarchy of needs, the hierarchy of chakras relates to the full range of human concerns, from the first chakra ( the muladhara ) which relates to survival and security, to the seventh crown chakra ( sahashara ) connecting the human being with the infinite, and the subtle magnetic field of the eight chakra ( the aura ).

This Sunday we will explore the health of your chakra system functioning and reflect on any blocks and areas that may need some work to increase health and vitality. We will practice the All in One Kriya which works systematically through all the chakras of the body.

Please have a journal and pen to hand for this class.


Healing through the Chakras

In this special workshop you will gain a deeper understanding of the chakra system and gain insights into how you can consciously work with your own chakras for increased health and wellbeing.