Mantras for healing the Chakras

These mantras are in English and do not come from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

Create a safe space for yourself as you practice repeating the mantra. Phones or computers are turned off. You may like to play some relaxing music.

Heart Chakra – Pink / Green

“My heart is open, I freely give and receive the healing power of love.

I am loved, lovable and loving “

Repeat the above affirmation as you visualise healing light penetrating deeply into your heart. Breath deeply as you visualise any debris or heaviness in this area being dissolved and transformed  in the area of your heart.

Notice how you feel as you say these words- either quietly to yourself or aloud – commanding your sub-conscious mind. Any negative progamming or self-talk  becomes clear to us as we introduce this positive affirmation.

Base Chakra – red

I am grounded and calm I am rooted to the earth I am welcome wanted and completely supported by the universe.