Healing Ways

I have felt very blessed and grateful for the spiritual guidance that I have received – bringing me to those who could help and support me through the challenges of my life.
In 2001, I was guided, through a dream to the healer, author and dream analyst George Rhatigan. His particular approach to healing opened my awareness to the spiritual world and the role of our subconscious minds and the impact of our own thoughts and feelings on our health and well being. Ever since I have been amazed by the wealth of insight and support that is available to us if only we begin to ask and to tune in to our higher selves.

George‘s unique methodology has evolved through metaphysical investigations, research and through the guidance of his spirit guide. With George I have practiced and facilitated  Cutting the Ties that Bind (a powerful method originally developed by Phyllis Crystal), Ho opono pono (a Hawaian method of healing), The Emotion Codes, Regression to former lives,  EFT and working with dreams and the guidance that they share. Another important element of this work is working with spirit attachments. These can have a negative impact on our lives and relationships. We can also help spirits to pass over.

I have participated in many workshops with George over the years, attended his Tuesday dream group and Sunday healing clinics. He wishes that this form of healing work continues as he is now in elder years and now I am willing to facilitate others to access these tools.
All of these methods ask different things of us.
For me, I like to work on something myself and check progress. Thus, Cutting the ties, Testing the Chakras, and working with dreams provides an interactive format. This does require a regular time commitment however but it can be very effective in transforming suffering into liberation while growing in self awareness and changing negative patterns or habits in our lives.
When one needs simply to receive healing without engaging with story – Sat Nam Rasayan is a wonderful and relaxing healing to receive.

Check Your Chakras

The word Chakra means wheel – and these are powerful energy centers positioned in regions of the body close to the glands. For example, the heart chakra is close to the thymus gland, the throat chakra close to the thyroid and parathyroid and so on. Through working with a chakra associated with the region of the body in which you may be experiencing trouble, you can help to allievate suffering and transform the energy of that region. Each chakra has its ethic – what it would say if it was healthy. For example, a healthy heart chakra would be open and willing to give and receive LOVE. Often, for many of us our heart chakras are not in such good condition! Thus, our risk for heart disease, mucous in the lungs, chest pains etc. is increased. A healthy heart chakra would say something like this: “My heart is open, I freely give and receive the healing power of love. I am loved, lovable and loving.“ Through repeating this mantra and using the healing power of our hands – we can relieve negative energy from this region and infuse positive energy. This is a simple and effective way we can monitor and enhance our own health and well being as well as averting our potential for illness and disease.

It is worth checking in, through simple kenesiology to see the state of health of your chakras regularly. Download the chart of mantras for each chakra and methodology for healing here: Mantras to Heal Chakras


It is said that a dream uninterpreted is like a letter unopened. There is so much insight and guidance that can be learned from our dreams. A book that I have been working on about healing with dreams is due for publication in the near future.


Cutting the Ties that Bind

Cutting the Ties That Bind

Sat Nam Rasayan

I am currently learning the Yogic Healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan. I have practiced Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan since 2011 and trained as a Level One Instructor in 2014. Sat Nam Rasayan is the Healing Art associated with Kundalini Yoga. You can learn more here