Healing with Dreams

Most of us don’t have the opportunity to understand our dreams – and yet these nightly drama workshops can tell us so much about ourselves alerting us to health issues, showing us our potential and inviting us to develop our  self-awareness. Or, we may dismiss our dreams as meaningless and of no consequence when it comes to our health or our life issues.

Rather than remaining passive when it comes to our dreams, we can take an active role. We can re-enter our dreams, and use them to communicate with our sub conscious mind. Like a child our sub-conscious responds to symbols and images – the language of dreams.

Here I share an interview with George Rhatigan about the Healing power of Dreams:


Visit  http://www.genetichealing.esy.es for more details of George’s work.

A new book “Healing with Dreams in the New Age” is due out later in 2017.