Irish Medicine

A unique encounter with Ireland‘s Cultural and Spiritual Heritage 

A soulful journey in small group sessions 

Sharing insight, poetry, song and story with musician,

 writer, poet and teacher Sharon Ní Chuilibín (Simrit Kaur)

Course Structure

* Earth  * Air  * Water *

There are three parts to this journey

Each session includes…

Visualisation and presencing exercises, story, song and poetry to invoke the land of Ireland. Drawing on decades of learning, research, insight and creative engagement with the questions of our time through the magical lens of Ireland as Medicine. Decolonising the mind and peeling back the layers of perception to lighten the load of history – let us experience a unified vision of wholeness with the cosmos and all of creation.

1. The Land of Ireland 

Finding our way. In this first session we introduce the geography and key sacred sites of Ireland with a focus on Newgrange and Brú na Bóinne, the temple of the Boyne valley. We will explore the resonance of this 3,000 year old monument and the mythology and meaning that this holds for us today. 

2. Of Space and Time

Introduce the Celtic Calendar and explore our relationship to the elements through the key festivals in the turning of the year. How can this shift our perceptions from the linearity that leads us to miss the magic of our deeply rooted soulful human nature? 

In Ireland, an awareness of the interconnection and interdependency of all Life was woven into all modes of cultural expression from poetry to song and dance. Through the Celtic Calendar we find a potent and ever green map through which to engage the passing of time with a sense of deep meaning and purpose on our unfolding journey of Life.

3. Deep Water

As an island nation, Ireland‘s relationship to water has defined generations. 

From the force and power of the great Atlantic where courageous fishermen daily sailed their wooden boats 

to the still inviting wisdom of thousands of ancient holy wells – 

water as a sweet teacher, bearer of healing and enduring rhythm, connects us all.

In this session we will explore the theme of water as a spiritual medium

 and symbolic companion for our journey of encounter.

To cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves, our place in the world and with one another.

Drawing on decades of learning, research, insight and creative engagement with the questions of our time through the magical lens of 

Ireland as Medicine

Decolonising the mind to peel back the layers of perception and lighten the load of History.

Your Hostess..

Sharon Ní Chuilibín ( Simrit Kaur ) is a poet, writer, musician, artist and teacher living in the mountains of Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. She was awarded a MA in Ethnomusicology where she wrote a thesis on her own journey into the art of Sean Nós or “old style“ singing, in the Irish language. She also holds a Diploma in Irish and a BA in Fine Art. She was awarded the Michael Hartnett prize for poetry recitation and songs she composed in the Irish language have been featured in the Pan Celtic song competition. She has worked as editor and writer of the Wild Atlantic Way publication weaving stories of Ireland‘s western seaboard and continues to tend deep wells of poetry and song. 

Performing in the final of the Pan Celtic song for Ireland 2016 with song Tá Dóchas Ann ( “There is Hope“ )

Offering a unique group learning experience sharing a journey into the heart of Ireland‘s tradition and spirituality. Developed to serve those who identify as having roots in Ireland but who may never have had a chance to delve deeply into these cultural connections to renew and strengthen inner resilience and perspective. Suitable also for those who live in Ireland but who feel alienated from the language and culture of the land and wish a point of access to find meaning and resonance within this. I have developed this offering through my own longing for connection and understanding in the land of Ireland over decades of personal experience, research, insight and learning.

Let us sit together at the well of song, poetry and memory to nourish our soulful essence and anchor through deeply powerful roots of Ireland‘s potent history and heritage.  Standing strong in this, our shared story, we can sow seeds for a brighter future. Through a journey of encounter and discovery our shared bonds may be woven in purpose and perception, insight and New Light. On this Brigit‘s Day I call to you to join me on a journey as we acknowledge our shared wounds of  longing and grief and call upon the Medicine of Ireland.
Together we can build connection and kindle perception and inner knowing. Sharing unique insight, poetry, music, song and story-  the medicine of the liminal present – we can safely traverse the realms of loss, shared memory, and remember the ancient ways of Ireland.

Through intimate small group sessions, designed to facilitate deep insight, encounter and deepening awareness – participants can integrate what is learned. Journaling practices and shared activities can build conscious presence and enrich our journey together as we reclaim a vision of wholeness. Ireland, a Land of Destiny  was also a cradle of Christian civilisation – a nature-infused Celtic Spirituality that spoke of Original Blessing and honoured our sacred origins and lived in harmony with the seasons and in deep reverence for mother earth. The language of Irish speaks to the heart. Songs and poems remain as remnants and echoes of an ancient tradition and science of the Word. 

The story of Ireland is also the story of a suffering world; a story of Empire, of cultural oppression, loss of language, loss of connection to place and disconnection from the natural environment that continues to play out in our world today. Let us sit together by the ancient well of song and memory and step out of the linear rushing of a river of time. Let us reclaim a vision of wholeness and encounter the eternal within the present moment.  As millions of Irish men and women left Irish soil to seek a better lives free of oppression around the world, those same seeds of longing and vision lie dormant within us all. 

**Pilot Programme starting mid-February 2021 **