There are many useful resources on the internet to discover more about Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.


The Website of the Irish Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association : News, events informations and helpful if you wish to find a local teacher anywhere on the Emerald Isle. ANSEO

Find a Sadhana ( early morning yoga, meditation and chanting ) when you are travelling around the world and connect with the local community HERE


Other Kundalini Yoga Teachers resources: ( to add more as I discover ! )

Guru Rattana Kaur – author of some of the earliest KY Manuals, holds a PHD in Political Science, also author of “The Destiny of Women is the Destiny of the World”. She offers online yoga classes and maintains an information rich website. HERE

Guru Fateh Singh Khalsa – pioneering teacher and author. Has a very deep understanding of the science and history of Sikh and yogic history. Embodies grace, gentleness, playfulness and light-heartedness of a child combined with a steely grit. Biographer of Yogi Bhajan. I was fortunate to have him as teacher on a course in Yoga Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Guru Fateh Singh’s insightful and well researched book, The Five Paragons of Peace is available to download free from his website HERE.

Catalyst Yogi – A clear approach and a lot of insight and experience. Free videos and helpful information HERE

Guru Rattana

Author of many books and yoga manuals – Guru Rattana was one of the original students of Yogi Bhajan and she keeps an online blog as well as online yoga courses.

Weekly Astrology : Insights into what is happening in the heavens that may be having an effect on us sensitive human beings here on earth, by Kaypacha who also teaches Kundalini Yoga. HERE