To nourish the creative impulse as eternal wellspring of hope and possibility

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Tory Island Living Archive

Developing an online living archive for the island of Tory off the coast of Donegal.  Working as project manager for this initiative together with Lughfilms director Loic Jordain.  Please contact me if you would have an interest to be involved in some way with this project. 
A final vision is to facilitate collaboration, and active the amazing cultural riches of Tory island as a source of inspiration ; at  the leading edge of imagination and possibility. In the face of homogenisation, centralisation and the loss of memory, to offer the balm of connectivity to place, to culture, to language and deep rooted resilience. 

Bí Liom agus cur do ainm ar an liosta go mbeidhmid i dteangmháil leat

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Tearmann Teanga : Sanctuary of Language

A language lives through bonds of love and understanding, joyful, playful buoyant and with a capacity for full expression. The concept behind this idea is to explore and experiment with the framing of the Irish Language such that the systemic hegemony of mind over body, 

centralised statehood over distributed locality and intellect / authority / domination ( within educational systems ) over emotional resonance are cordially dissipated through the lull and sensuality of cosy maternal nourishment : a renewal of home.  Inviting a space where it becomes safe to begin acknowledging the unspoken cultural trauma that hides within the loss of language as well as the spiritual loss of connection to land, place and ancestors that this loss has engendered. 

Bí Liom


Creativity is the life blood of an emergent future. How can we nourish, evoke, provoke, and navigate the creative process and generate energy and focus to ensure we are resourced for the task of continuity and commitment ? For children offering a unique course and a monthly IDEAS Lab space.

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