Remembering the Ancestors

When our roots are strong we can stand tall. Just like a tree growing in the forest – having a community around us in times of storm gives us protection and support. None of us stand alone – our lives are through the grace and efforts of countless generations of men and women who came before us: our ancestors.

At this time as we look at the start of the Celtic New Year – we take an opportunity to call on the guidance and support of all those who have gone before. It is also a full moon- a moment of completion: a time for giving thanks and welcoming a rich sense of fullness.

What do you need to bring ?

  • Have a candle to light
  • Journal or some paper and pen to write on.

5pm – 6pm Irish Time ( 1pm EDC )


Remembering the Ancestors

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Irish Celtic Spirituality – Remembering the Ancestors at Samhain.

10.00 €

“Níl uasal ná íseal ach thuas seal is thíos seal“

“None is either high or low -but up and down (in the tides of life).“

Old Irish Saying.