Rooted Resilience

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Join me to experience the transformational energy and teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

 This four week course will focus on building strong foundations, a resilient nervous system and positive mental health.

Each class includes spiritual teachings, breathwork, a yoga set, deep relaxation, meditation and live music – working through a different aspect of this theme of “Rooted Resilience” each week. 

Rooted Resilience : 4 week course


Single Class :

Rooted Resilience

Sharing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for developing a strong foundation, strong nerves and the capacity to withstand stress and the challenges of life. Each class of one hours duration includes a yoga set ( Kriya), Meditation and Deep Relaxation.


Times: Sundays, 10-11am

Dates: Sunday 21st June, 28th June, 5 July,  12 July

Rooted Resilience : Support & Security


Week 1

Focusing on the root chakra this week – introducing the theme is support and security, we will deepen awareness of the different bandhas, the locks as used in Kundalini Yoga and reallly experience the feelings of containment, support and security, these simple techniques bring.

As it is the summer solstice, the moment when the sun energy is highest we practice the powerful “Suriya Kriya“ which really evokes this sun energy within our body helping us to be practical, focused and energetic.

This is followed with the beautiful RA MA DA SA for healing as we radiate our loving intentions at this powerful time, both for ourselves, our loved ones and the world.

Week 2

Fear is a root chakra issue – we need a strong base to remain steady and grounded when provoked to the “fight or flight“ stress response, and high adrenalin that fearful encounters may evoke in us. This week we practice the “Kriya for Relaxation and Releasing Fear“, working to rid our bodies of the residue of this emotion to arrive at a state of nourishing peace and deep relaxation.

Our meditation this week is to be rid of negative thoughts.

Week 3

This weeks Kriya focuses on the solar plexus to boost self confidence and develop self control. As we deepen our awareness and gain perspective it becomes more possible to make better choices from a place of neutrality and peace.

Our meditation this week is to develop trust, so that we can relax into the flow of life.

Week 4

This week our focus is a “Kriya to build the Glandular System“– the guardians of health. Together with our nervous system our glands ensure that we have the stamina and energy we need to accomplish our goals. Similar in function to nerve impulses, hormones transmit information with a daily rhythm in a pulsing fashion. We can tend to this inner symphony of our bodies wisdom through breath, movement and growing awareness.

Our meditation this week is the powerful “Gunpati Kriya“ meditation: to remove obstacles.


Taught by Simrit Kaur ( Sharon Ní Chuilibín)  experienced Level 1 instructor of Kundalini Yoga.Also trained to deliver a trauma sensitive yoga programme for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), Radiant Child Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan healing. She has a particular interest in helping people to cope with stress, connect to their true soulful nature and to deepen enjoyment of life.