Self Compassion


In this workshop you will explore the dimensions of your inner world and invite healing through nourishing practices of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and deepening awareness.

Self care practices are essential to develop strength and resilience. There are two worlds of our being : both our inner( thoughts, feelings, beliefs ) and outer ( physical, habitual, lifestyle )  require our attention. We may be blasting through, pushing ourselves to increase  perceived physical “fitness“ but if we are coming from a place that is lacking in self love, forgiveness and balanced perception, the sum total of our efforts may be harmful.

From a place of integrity we can access the firm command of our wise self to elevate our being. This starts from a place of self acceptance and self forgiveness – then we can truly move forward in life with ALL of our being, and not in a fragmented way where we ignore the shadows. Our perceived weaknesses and vulnerabilities can yield our greatest strength – for it is through these parts of ourselves that we may truly grow.

This two hour workshop will include visualisation, kundalini yoga and meditation practices and deep relaxation.


Friday 24th July 2020

You are invited to bring a journal and a pen to capture your insights from our time together.

Self Compassion – A Healing Workshop for Women