Teanga – Language

If you are totally new to the Irish language it may be helpful to simply start with usable word and phrases that you might like to integrate into your daily life.

Here are some recordings of useful words and phrases.

Dia dhuit- hello ( literally “God be with you“)
Dia dhaoibh- hello ( plural- “God be with you“ )
A Chara- Dear Friend
Táim ag súil – I am looking forward
Mo chairde Gael – My Irish Friends
Bíonn laethanta mar sin – There are days like that
Le gach dea-ghuí – With every good wish
Le Grá agus Buíochas – With Love and Thanks
Oíche mhaith – Good night

Once you have some basic phrases it can be helpful to broaden vocabulary by learning simple songs or poetry in Irish.

Here are some other resources:

Recording of Irish language reading with text ( all as Gaeilge *)https://leighleat.com/pages/181

Irish language online dictionary with pronunciation guide  :www.focloir.ie