Yoga & You

Practical Considerations

It is advised to wear white clothes of natural cloth, and to cover the head with a scarf or a beanie to help uplift and focus the energy. The colour white contains all the colours of the rainbow – it is an uplifting and protective colour.

Sitting on a sheepskin or a mat of wool can also help to insulate and contain the energy as you meditate and develop awareness. It is also very comfy and warm to sit on, as your practice develops and you may desire to sit for longer periods of time.

It is advisable to have a cosy blanket to hand to cover yourself during deep relaxation for your comfort and to keep the body warm. It is also good to have something to cover your eyes and shut out the light to allow you to deeply relax. You might also like to turn off the lights in your room, if that is possible, during deep relaxation, shivasana.

Opening Practice:

Closing Practice: