Understanding Dreams


“There is more in heaven and earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy”

Every night, we dream.

Through our dreams we learn that we are not alone. Let us listen..

I share this information as an account of some of the proceedings during an evening of “Dream Interpretation” for those who may be interested. The methods of interpretation used have evolved over 20 years and been developed by George Rhatigan with the help of guidance in spirit. George’s celebrated book “Dreams Secret Language of the soul” is being revised and updated at present and is soon to be released as an e-book. George has been eager to spread the message that we can heal our issues through working with our dreams.


Some of the most life changing moments come when a puzzle is solved and all the pieces seem to fall into place. For many, dreams do not command any attention – ignored and forgotton the messages of a wise guide remain as letters unopened.

For over twenty years George Rhatigan, a retired police detective, has been helping people to understand their dreams – finding the root of their problems through decoding the meanings within.

Last night’s group was different. I encountered some new faces. A friend of George’s, who had recently experienced a minor stroke, arrived with two paintings under his arm. These striking images were really quite remarkable. In one, an angelic figure stares out from the picture, tenderly holding two feet in her/ his hands. In the second painting, two angels stand at either side of a door which is closed. There are steps leading up to the door.

This is a time of transition. For all present, the theme of the dreamers appeared to be variations on the word “denial” – denying our powers and healing abilities, denying our spiritual gifts, denying who we truly are. The man who arrived with the paintings, had been given a warning. He himself is a gifted natural healer but has not been using his gifts. Others revealed dreams on the night which also shared this theme. The woman who had painted the wonderful images was also in attendance. She once had served people by painting their spirit guides  or guardian angels. It turned out that she has since stopped channelling such imagery and thus her dreams revealed that she was out of balance. She was encouraged to continue to develop and use her obvious gift. Self-taught she was nonetheless a gifted painter. It was clear that a very radiant spiritual guidance had been working through her as she was working.

The added benefit of having the images present was that they gave visible form to the often abstract concept of angels or spirit guides who work with some of those who attend the dream group. In our culture so beholden to the visual evidence, where seeing is believing it certainly was encouraging to see. The angelic figure, the man who brought the painting explained, was actually his spirit guide who he has seen appear to him sometimes holding his feet at the end of his bed at night. Without being privy to this information, the painter revealed just this image – including the feet, despite her reluctance to include feet for aesthetic reasons, the necessity was nonetheless impressed upon her.

The first dream read out sets the tone for the evening’s theme

George notes that this is a common occurance – whatever the theme of the first dream to be read out and interpreted by the group; that becomes a dominant theme of the evening.

There is an order in which people arrive and this also becomes the order in which dreams are read out to be interpreted by the group.

A Prophetic Dream

The first dreamer to be looked at , I will call her Siri, came along with another friend of hers who was visiting at that moment from Paris. As it happened, the dreamer had experienced something of a Prophetic Dream. She herself had once lived in Paris and had in fact lived close to the site where the recent Paris bombings happened and frequented that very same restaurant where the bomb went off. The restaurant was a very popular spot in Paris she told us- it was a place where people really felt free. In her dream she was at one point walking over dead bodies – but at the same time aware that they were already dead and nothing could be done for them, she walked on focused on her destination far ahead.


Interpretation of the dream , like the unravelling of a tightly packed ball of wool – revealed some startling insights. Siri recounted how her mother had closed the eyes of many of her family before she herself was born, that she had been in a way surrounded by death. She was in the dream as if in a bubble but rather fixated on her destination. One of the comments was that she had become so fixed on the future – looking to get to the end of the road or the end of her life. As such not engaging in life but still afraid somehow of life itself. A wave of huge black creatures had engulfed a peaceful shoreline early on in another of her dreams. This was interpreted as the coming into birth, leaving the body of the mother. Another more recent dream that Siri recounted was that of two of her friends being announced as dying with brain tumours. As the number two in a dream signify being of two minds – it was recognised that there is conflict within her. This is leading to a risk or possibility of developing a brain tumour down the road. Dreams always give indications of possible future health problems far ahead of any problems being manifest.

Siri was asked to commit to developing her spiritual gifts and  to send healing to those who were killed in the Paris attacks. To develop her Psychic ability and latent gift of prophecy which is clear from the fact that she had such a dream – Siri was asked by George to make it a habit of re-entering her dreams.

Rather than the dream being a case of “what do I do with this” now she can see how it is relevant to her life. The gravity of the coincidence – that she dreamt the dream just the night before the actual attacks took place, suggested to her that dreams are actually important and compelled her to get in contact with George. This is much in line with how I myself came to experience this world of Dream interpretation, spiritual development which eventually led me to the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Chewing Gum

A recurring dream indicates an issue that needs to be looked at.

One of the dreamers present recounted a recurring dream where she is chewing gum and it gets stuck sometimes to her teeth but always causes problems. White gum.

Mucous forms in the gut from dairy products that are not so easily digested by the body. The dreamer was encouraged to give up dairy products. She admitted that she had been told before to avoid wheat and dairy but occasionally indulged. She is now considering giving up dairy and wheat entirely for the good of her health.

Dreams always indicate the state of our health.


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