New Beginnings



Sat Nam,

So it has been a busy summer – I completed the Radiant Child Training with Simran Kaur in Cork, I had wanted to do the training for some time and it’s a lot of fun acting the role of the child for practice classes and Lughnasa joined in also. I am looking at spaces now to begin classes in Dublin to share  a joy of Yoga,

most likely I will teach in Irish if there is interest.



This playful approach to yoga reminds me that laughter is the best medicine..

Sometimes us adults can become rather serious and purposeful, linear and “box-head”  in comparison to the unsupressed fresh and open wide imaginative and creative life force of our smaller friends. We impose often unnatural demands upon our bodies and ourselves without considering the impact ( such as sitting for hours on end at a computer without a break ) – we can all do with connecting with our inner child…and making some time for play and creativity !

Over the summer I have also been studying Meditation as Medicine by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa. I would recommend this book and I can share some meditations on this blog with you over the coming months.


Meditation for High Blood Pressure

Left nostril breathing.

Sitting straight and tall in a chair or in easy pose ,

cover the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand and breath long and deep through the left nostril fully filling the belly,  expanding the chest cavity, and allowing the shoulders to rise – pause for a moment and then slowly and deeply exhale in the same motion.

Starting with 1 minute – build to 3 minutes aiming for a complete meditation of 11 minutes long.

The beauty of this simple ‘medical meditation’ ( as it’s benefits have been affirmed within a clinical setting ) – is that is can be practiced anywhere ) see for yourself.

Sat Nam : )







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