Splanc means a spark or a flash – it is an Irish word..

I like the sound of the Irish language, there is a magic and a playful and wild quality to it – and I am grateful that I have had an opportunity to connect with it more deeply. Instead of harsh school teachers ( making us learn essays by rote for exams !) I associate Irish language with na sí , the fairy folk – and with an emergent world view that is at odds with the dominant paradigm; it is environment and nature focused. We are a part of nature and we have forgotton – we are infinite and powerful and have such mighty potential but we have lost the perception; the wonder we experienced as children..

Fairy folk?? I hear you say, as you shake your head dolefully:  I can tell you a story : )

Just to say, on that spiritual subject of fairies – W.B. Yeats, George William Russell, many well known and respected characters also have testimonies on the veracity of these characters. Here is a painting by AE. George William Russell.


Why does an issue of language appear in a spiritual/ healing blog post?

The language within Kundalini Yoga is that of Gurmuki – which literally means ‘from the Guru’s mouth”. When we hear the word ‘Guru’ or to be more particular – when I used to hear the word ‘guru’ prior to experiencing Kundalini Yoga – I might have rolled my eyes : a common western perception of the concept of a ‘Guru’ is that of ‘elevated teacher’ – someone placed upon a platform to be followed and obeyed- it does balk against our postmodern individualism and consumer choice principals doesn’t it?

How refreshing therefore, to encounter a new meaning and understanding or insight into this concept and word – Gu : means darkness, Ru : means light. So, Gu Ru is that which brings us from darkness into light. It is a force, a process, and yes, while it can be manifested within a great Saint, Master or Spiritual Teacher, it is ultimately impersonal – beyond duality. This dynamic guiding principal is invoked at the start of every Kundalini Yoga class when a mantra is chanted : Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.

Namo … meaning to bow

Ong .. meaning creative infinity

Vibrating these sounds – we activate our bio chemistry – and set a tone for our practice : beyond ego – we are acknowledging that we are a soul and part of this mysterious infinity.

We have entered a process of transformation supported by this principal of GURU:

as we move from darkness to light.

Just as it woudln’t be the same in English – the Gurmuki language continues the thread of the ‘golden chain’ of teachers of this ancient yogic science.



“Life is a continuous vibration of up and down. And in this up and down, try to be neutral; be seated in your own spiritual integrity. ” Yogi Bhajan.









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