The Art of Starting , Again

The beginning of the year is a great time to look ahead to the future, to make plans and assess what our needs are for 2017. This year I am starting a class for Longevity and Rejuvenation aimed at those over 60. Having worked on assembling the Active Retirement Annual and Positive Ageing Magazine’s, I cannot ignore how important it becomes as we get older to have some daily form of self nurturing exercise – so that we can age well and look forward to long and healthy lives.

One of the shocking discoveries for me is that so much of what we associate with ageing and decline can be avoided. I hope that this class can bring new vital energy and health to those who join us.

This class will also include the Irish language – an additional welcome stimulus for the brain and a further way to prevent the development of dementia in later life!

Total beginners are welcome and the cost is € 70 for a six week course or €12 to join a single class. If you are new to yoga, to encourage people to try it out first class is € 7.
Join me at 12.30 at Seraph studios – across from Synge Street school in Dublin city centre. The class runs for an hour and is open to all regardless of age or ability.

Beannachtaí, ag tús 2017.


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