Yoga for Children



The body of knowledge known as “Yoga” offers an effective and practical resource to improve physical and mental health, build discipline and grow in awareness.

In classes adapted for children, and informed by Radiant Child yoga training,

children become familiar with core postures and exercises that would appear in an adult yoga class.


Classes feature

Warm-ups & stretching
Breath awareness exercises
Storytelling and yoga postures
Use of sound


The goal of these classes is to introduce and reinforce learning in Irish language while also having fun and supporting health and wellbeing.

Children are still flexible and able to enjoy their physicality in an unself-conscious way. Lets assist them in adopting healthy habits while they are young that can last a lifetime.


What is different in a children’s yoga class?


The theme has to be “fun!”

Depending on the age, a children’s yoga class is tailored and adapted to the needs and abilities of the children.

Stories and games are used to keep attention and make the classes interesting. Children enjoy play and exploring new things – the many postures and exercises that are found in adult yoga class can also be taught to children. They can grow in confidence as they have have the building blocks to serve them in life as they grow and develop.

Older children and teens have specific needs as their bodies are growing and changing – yoga can bring relief to many of the challenges of puberty, offering a safe space to connect with and cultivate positive body image while learning to care for one’s mental, emotional and physical health.

Developing a Yoga and Meditation practice at a young age helps to build inner resources and healthy habits

that can serve the young person for life.



Memories of The European Yoga Festival Children’s Camp


Apart from teaching yoga to children through Irish in Primary schools and Secondary schools

I got involved with the children’s area at the European Yoga Festival – which was held at a magical rural forest setting in France until 2020.  Being a mum it made sense, my daughter ( the redhead in the photo) needed my attention and so I volunteered to care for the children of other parents too. It was a wonderful chance to play with the children and engage with different cultures. Despite the language barrier it was always possible to communicate, to work together and to find common ground. There were children there who spoke German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and even Russian and Chines. I received an inspiring insight into the various cultures and the reality of international co-operation daily as over a hundred children had to be organised and fed! When it came to practicing yoga – the wonderful Guru Dass Kaur taught an entire field of children ( see photo below :  ) using only mime and movement, inviting repetition, play and mimicry as a way to bridge the language barrier. She is an inspiring teacher ( and musician ) – I believe that the child in all of us, at whatever age, loves to play, have fun, move, dance and feel good !





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