Healing with Dreams



The following is a foreword I wrote

for a new book by  George Rhatigan




William Shakespeare

One night, I had a dream that so shocked me that
I awoke in tears. I still remember the images in the
dream; I was in a bathroom, there were cigarette
burns on the ceiling, the roof was caving in and a
friend,who was in my class at college at the time, was
dead in the bath! The following morning, concerned
for her wellbeing, I anxiously ran to find her and tell
her my dream. As fate would have it, she happened
to be working with George Rhatigan. She calmly
assured me that she was not going to die and
suggested that I write down the dream and send it
to George. That was back in 2001. I wrote down the
dream and received George’s interpretation a few
days later.

I learned that my dream was a warning showing me
the negative consequences if I was to continue living
as I was. George explained to me that my friend,
dead in the bath, represented the loss of my own
capacity to have children, my femininity. The
cigarette burns on the ceiling, and the roof caving
in, a potential nervous breakdown. It was a turning
point in my life. Up until that time I had been
experiencing digestive issues and occasional bouts
of depression. I began to work with George to
understand the root causes of my distress. I started a
journey towards a greater awareness of the spiritual
dimension of life and began a process of healing that
has continued to this day. I have also witnessed the
powerful effect that George’s unique healing
approach has had in the lives of others.
Every day, newspapers sell by the billions across the
world. Collectively, we tune in to ‘the news’. Radio
news broadcasts are available on the hour every hour
&newspapers proclaim the latest headlines: usually
bad news. We hear about wars, violence, rape,
climate emergency & natural disasters. In snappy
headlines we absorb the sufferings of millions of

In a similar way, at night, we receive sophisticated

communication through our dreams. This is your
own personal ‘news’ channel reporting on the one
topic over which you do have control: You.
In the following pages you are about to learn how to
understand, decode and also engage creatively and
consciously with your dreams. Dreams are our own
intimate and personal window to our lives and the
world, at a deeper level. Rather than being passive
consumers, our dreams offer us keys, tips, and an
invitation to co-create our own lives and by
extension, the world in which we live. While global
news stations may inform our impotence, our
dreams offer us a path to empowerment, insight,
wisdom and inner spiritual growth and healing.
You may not remember your dreams. Perhaps there
are some dreams that have been repeating for you.
In the pages that follow, in George’s wealth of
knowledge and insight, you have at your disposal
a powerful technology to re-wire your life from
In the Irish cultural tradition, we have “Aisling”
poetry; powerful Vision Poems. In suffering
oppression of language, culture and religion,
material poverty meant that the Irish imagination
has been developed to a great sophistication.

Dreams also invite us to dwell in hope and work
through our imagination. In the Vision poetry
tradition, a dream offers the solution, the remedy
to the sufferings of both the poet and the people.
It is through the dream that the spirit is kept alive.
Our inner faculty of imagination, as Einstein once
pointed out, is one of our superpowers as humans:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited to all we now know and
understand, while imagination embraces the entire
world, and all there ever will be to know and

Albert Einstein

Working with the wisdom of your own inner teacher
and spiritual guides through your dreams, you can
access the powerful sub conscious mind. You will
learn to understand the language of symbols, puns,
images, colors and characters. As you engage
through this world of vision and imagination, you
open vast new possibilities for your life.Working on
the inner canvas of dreams, navigating these inner
realms, you can become a conscious ally in your own
healing and begin to see improvements in every area
of your life.
Television news broadcasts may get our attention,
yet most of us tend to ignore or dismiss the inner
news that is revealed in our dreams. The fate of life
on the planet depends on our collective capacity for
healing. Our survival calls us to use our power of
Vision, Dream and Imagination. Rather than being
passive victims, our dreams show us how we can
become co-creators of Life.
One man’s Dream inspired generations to hope,
vision & courage when Martin Luther King
proclaimed “I have a dream”.
It is now time for all of us to reclaim the importance
of our dreams, and begin to engage in healing our
collective subconscious. It is my hope that you
embrace the healing and soul-guidance offered to us
in our dreams and become a co-creator with Life.
Everyone has a role to play. George offers his vast
experience, insights and guidance so that you too
can access the power of your dreams.

Let us dream a
new dream for a bright new world..


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