Healing with Dreams

I have worked with and learned from George Rhatigan over the past twenty years and seen the power of these healing techniques and processes. The magical world of our dreams invites us to co-create our lives, to take responsibility for our own health, healing and wellbeing.

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A dream unexamined is like a Letter Unopened..

“In the 30 years in which I studied dreams and used them to help people, I discovered that dreams can be as effective today as a form of healing and insight into health issues as they were in ancient times.

Every dream sets out to heal us- often of illness that has not yet manifested in the physical. In these nightly dramas, we are asked to participate in healing activities, interact with positive, helpful characters and allow ourselves to be exposed to healing colours such as red or orange to energize, blue to bring calmness, green to help us share ourselves emotionally and so on.

We are expected to face our fears, laugh, sing, cry, dance, exercise and many other healing devices. All too often we run away in the dream or refuse to co-operate. This can spoil the healing effort. However, by understanding how our dream was trying to heal us we can, by re-entering it at a later time change it around so that we receive the full healing benefit.“

Here are a few free extracts, in PDF form from George‘s  book:

Healing with Dreams

The Four Rules of Dream Interpretation

Dreams on Cancer

Children and dreams



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