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Sunday morning Classes 8-9am

I open the zoom room from 7.55am to allow time to arrive.

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Kundalini Yoga & meditation involves the whole being, mind, body, emotion, soul, spirit. The grit, commitment and focus that is often demanded by the repetitive movement, breath patterns and postures awakens our inner strength. At other time the hilarity of what a yoga set may ask of us can bring joy to our inner child! I have gained so much from these teachings and I look forward to sharing them with you.

What to Expect

Classes begin with a presencing practice inviting a deepening awareness and “tuning in“ with the the sounds “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo“ – which can be understood to mean : “I bow to the infinite creative essence, to the divine and noble wisdom I bow “. Physiologically , the vibrations of sounds and the action of the tongue on meridians of the upper palate releases chemicals in our brain to positively affect our consciousness.

Some pranayama or breathing exercises follow the tuning in and then warm up exercises prepare the body for the specific yoga set or Kriya ( meaning “completed action“) which is the focus on the class – usually on a particular theme. For these Sunday morning classes, we are focusing on lifting the spirit and enhancing the immune function of the body. I am choosing kriyas to stimulate the flow of energy, support the lymphatic system and reduce stress or anxiety.

A yoga set is then followed by deep relaxation where you can close your eyes and allow yourself to deeply let go so that the body and being may integrate and assimilate the affects of your efforts.

Finally, we practice a short meditation practice. At present I am referring to the medical meditations collated by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, President of the Alzheimer‘s Prevention Foundation – with a focus on building resilience of the body to stress.

Each class is complete through a simple blessing song as follows:

May the Long Time Sun shine upon you,

All Love surround you,

And the pure light within you,

Guide your way on.

And this is followed by three long chants of “Sat Nam“, where;

“Sat“ sounds for a count of six and the “Nam“ for a count of one.

Sat Nam – In a rudimentary way, can be translated as follows:

Sat = Truth

Naam = Nam / Identity


May we live our true essence aligned with perpetual wisdom

Our true essence, the philosophy of intrinsic being that the words “Sat Nam“ point to – is where one is playful, free of fear or stress, creative and full of the joy of this moment : being fully alive!

Sunday Morning Classes 8am-9am


Sunday 10th January 2021

Foundation for Infinity

This weeks yoga set works on the pelvic region and helps us to experience a strong foundation and point of balance in our connection to the earth. Standing strong, we know our inner depths and the boundlessness that is our true nature. This is a fun yoga set that assists us in releasing tension and gently cultivating alignment.

We will share the Ra Ma Da Sa meditation for healing ourselves and our world.


Sunday Morning Yoga & Meditation with live Music

This regular class of kundalini yoga and meditation focuses on enhancing immunity and resilience. Each class includes breathwork, stretching, warm ups, a nourishing yoga set, deep relaxation and meditation. I also share live music including shabds and mantras as part of the class.


Four Class Pass

Four Sunday morning classes paid in advance.



Sunday 14th March

Getting the Body out of Distress

Today we will consciously move the energy in each part of the body systematically working through the subtle energy channels, the meridians. This is a gentle and fun yoga set that invites kindness and self care.

This week we will practice the nourishing Kirtan Kriya which has many benefits including optimised brain function. Regular practice of this powerful meditation has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of alzheimers and parkinson’s disease, balance the hemispheres of the brain and bring total mental balance to an individual psyche.

Sunday 21st March

Kriya for Disease Resistance

Immunity can be stimulated and enhanced within the body. It is also a matter of how we focus and condition our mind, heart and spirit so that we do not suffer from overwhelm. This weeks Kriya promotes robust health and builds disease resistance. We need to keep our digestion and elimination systems working well. This means supporting our lymphatic system and building a strong metabolic balance.

Our meditation this week is to repair long term stress damage – working specifically on the kidneys and adrenal glands which in turn supports the function of the heart.

Sunday 28th March

Stress Set for Adrenals and Kidneys

Having grit and a capacity to rise above the challenges that we are faced with takes a strong glandular system. In particular, having strong adrenal glands and kidneys allow us to have that extra reserve of energy so. Otherwise we may find ourselves easily angered, snappy and tired. By supporting our kidneys and adrenals we also help the heart to function well. In this yoga set, one really gets to experience the therapeutic power of deep breathing and co-ordinated movement.

Our meditation this week is to balance and recharge the nervous and immune systems.

Sunday 4th April

Cast off Stress and Breathe

Today we will share the gentle and deep acting Kriya to Throw off Stress. This weeks yoga set offers a fun and powerful series of exercises to stimulate the life force within and change the neural patterning in the brain to release stress. Coming to rest in our hearts and re-affirming a core resource of stillness and strength within we can develop resilience. Let us not allow negativity and stress to dim our capacity to enjoy life !

We will also share an effective meditation to improve vitality, endurance and productivity.

Let us rest in the firm heart of a stillness that can hold all our experiences and still reflect the cosmos

Please Note:

Please consult with your health care practitioner if you are taking any medication. Never practice Kundalini Yoga when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is advisable not to eat for about one hour before practicing any vigorous physical exercise. Always bear in mind your own limitations and any injuries that you may be carrying and exercise due caution if asked to practice any movement that you feel may aggravate your condition. Remember that being in the energy the class and simply visualising the exercises can also bring benefits. Women are advised not to practice any inverted postures or where any pressure is placed on the abdomen during pregnancy. Likewise, breath of fire is also not advised during menstruation or pregnancy.

To enhance the efficacy of your practice it is suggested to wear white comfortable clothing made of natural fibres. By covering the head we also enhance the flow of energy and deepen our capacity for meditation. Also, using a sheep skin placed on your yoga mat helps with comfort and to contain the energy during meditation. S