Immunity in Unity

Here is the plan for the coming Sundays – 8-9am

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation helps to increase the flow of vital energy in the body, focus the mind and uplift the spirit. Through the coming times of challenge as our systems adjust to the shorter colder days we can work on our immunity and vital force, cultivating joy and a warm heart within us.

These time tested practices and techniques allow us to feel ourselves “at one“, dwelling in inner unity within a calm centre at our core – no longer separate but at ease and certain of our place in the vast cosmic dance of Life.

Classes include warmups, breath work, a Kriya (Yoga Set),

Meditation, Relaxation and live music.


Four Classes

Four classes pre-paid. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Each class features gentle warmups, pranayama, a kriya, deep relaxation and meditation. Supported with live music.



Sunday Morning Class 8-9am

Nourishing Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation for enhanced immunity.


Here is a class plan for the coming Sundays

Sunday April 11th

Awakening Inner Fire

This week we share the powerful Suriya Kriya for awakening the dynamic and focused energy of our inner fire – the sun energy within the body. As Spring awakens us to longer days and new possibilities this Kriya provides a firm foundation for focused action and vigour in our daily lives.

Gunpati Meditation – to help us to clear obstacles on the path ahead as we move forward with the energy of a new moon.

Sunday April 18th

Nourishing the Heart

This week we focus cultivating the power of our hearts. We practice a dynamic kriya that helps us to drop emotional defensiveness and open our heart, pumping vital oxygen and blood and gently releasing any blocks that we may have been carrying here. The heart, as an energy centre, is at the centre of our being – it is the place of transformation and calibration between the lower chakras with their focus on survival and the will and the upper chakras so that our spiritual expansiveness and soul purpose may be allowed to shine.

Our Meditation is for Protection and Projection from the heart.

Sunday April 25th

To Master Your Domain

As we move into this active period of Springtime, the energy is rising and we are faced with longer days and perhaps busier lives. This weeks Kriya is to Master Your Domain. In a physical sense it helps us to circulate blood from the core of the body to all the limbs and glands for optimum health. Mentally it supports us to be able to hold and project a thought or an idea into reality. This gives us command in both physical and mental realms to bestow the sprit of a saint and the fearlessness of a warrior.

Meditation to conquer self- animosity.

Sunday May 2nd

Awakening to the Ten Bodies

This weeks kriya allows us to reflect on the multi-faceted levels of our being. We may have one physical body but there are also nine other recognisable “bodies“ in yogic teachings, including the three minds negative, positive and neutral. Then there are the soul body, the pranic body, the subtle body, the radiant body, the arcline and the aura. A wonderful book by Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa helps us to navigate the depth and the subtlety of this perception of the human journey to health.

Our meditation this week is the Siri Gaitri healing meditation : Ra Ma Da Sa.


Please do consult with your health care practitioner if you are taking any medication. Never practice Kundalini Yoga when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is advisable not to eat for about one hour before practicing any vigorous physical exercise. Always bear in mind your own limitations and any injuries that you may be carrying and exercise due caution if asked to practice any movement that you feel may aggravate your condition. Remember that being in the energy the class and simply visualising the exercises can also bring benefits. Women are advised not to practice any inverted postures or where any pressure is placed on the abdomen during pregnancy. Likewise, breath of fire is also not advised during menstruation or pregnancy.