New Moon

New Moon Reset

A nourishing evening of kundalini yoga and mediation to clear stress of the past weeks and anchor deep foundations for the times ahead.

12.00 €

A new moon offers us a chance to begin again, to reflect on our priorities, to set fresh intentions or renew past commitments. Rather than feeling powerless in these times of uncertainty we can align with the power of our emotions, thoughts and creative imagination. We can claim our sovereign capacity to determine our inner experience – and send forth loving, healing and positivity to blossom with this new moon.

We will share kundalini yoga and meditation to release stress, fear and anxiety and activate our inner creativity with a beautiful gentle kriya.

Our meditation brings an opportunity for expansive consciousness and deep stillness – to align with this moment of potential and possibility.

In the darkness of the new moon, when the suns light is no longer reflected in our skies – we can find courage and strength, sure in the knowledge that the sun still shines and that we are rainbow beings made of light.