“I started practising Kundalini Yoga with Sharon Ní Chuilbín in January 2016. I am in my 50s, and although I have kept physically active, I wasn’t in very good shape in a lot of ways, and felt unhealthy and inflexible. The routines of Kundalini are quite gentle, yet often somewhat intense. Sharon was an excellent and sensitive guide who showed me how to gradually open myself up physically as well as emotionally. In Kundalini practice the breath and voice lead the way and the body is never treated mechanically, so the experience is quite different from the usual yoga routines, which can feel a bit soulless and mechanical by comparison. I especially appreciated the sounds of my classes, and the way that sound led the way for me in opening up my body to new flexibility – the quiet resonance of chanting, humming and even whistling, and the sounds of Sharon’s voice leading the way, and most of all, finding my way into a new discipline through the medium of the Irish language.  After a few month’s practice attending weekly classes and doing brief routines most mornings, I felt much better physically and emotionally, with lower blood pressure, increased energy and a more positive outlook. I found Kundalini to be an excellent introduction to finding my own way forward into a yoga practice which I am certain I will continue to benefit from in the years ahead.”

Dr. Steve Coleman, NUIM.