Yoga & Art

Awaken the Magic of your Creativity !

Creativity is a force of positivity – an empowered capacity to engage with the world, to renew, to make fresh, to see with new eyes and to rebirth ourselves, our world, our lives.

All experiences of life, good and bad, are food and fuel for our creative fire !

It is our creativity that keeps us young.

A healing mantra for the sacral chakra, associated with creativity, sexuality and pleasure is:

“I am fully alive, I appreciate and respect all my feelings,

and fully embrace my creativity and sensual life.

I accept myself and others exactly as we are“

In these classes you will have an opportunity to access your inner world through yoga, meditation and guided visualisation. We then allow time to give shape, form and colour to our emergent experiences, insights and visions.

Session : Thursday 14th January


Yoga & Art